My name is Cassidy Cobarr and I started Shining C Grulla Horses while I was trying to create a particular horse for myself. The whole package! I grew up around horses and started riding/showing before I could walk. I have always had a huge appreciation for a good horse! I was raised riding English, showing eventing and combined training but by about age 10 I started riding western. By age 14 I had done a little bit of everything and rode my first reining horse. I fell in love!! I started by working with a local reining trainer and within a couple years I started also riding and showing cowhorses, working with Russell Dilday.

I was hooked on performance horses and started showing AQHA in reining, cowhorse, cutting and roping. I attended the AQHA World Show twice and started showing NRHA. I hit the National Reining Horse circuit pretty hard and turned in my Non-Pro card after the NRHA Futurity in 2007, where I showed my 3 year old son of Mark This Spot, under the help of NRHA trainer Johnette Burman, whom I was with for several years. After becoming a NRHA and AQHA Professional in 2007, I continued on the show circuit, mostly NRHA, and worked with Randy Paul and Marcy Ver Meer.

Ranching is something else I have grown up doing so I also have an appreciation for good using horses and what it takes to spend days in and days out gathering cattle, sorting, branding, roping, etc in the steep country, in the heat, etc and the heart those horses have, even if they do not have a show record. I will always use our horses for ranch work and enjoyable trail rides so you know they have the mind to do that also!

With my experience, knowledge and opportunity to ride some of the best horses in the performance industry I have always had very high standards and of course, a love of beauty and rare color. However, it seems very difficult to find that quality I seek WITH the look I have in mind. With that I started doing a little breeding. If I cannot find my vision I will create it!

Right around 2008 I had the opportunity to purchase a grulla mare. The color was amazing to me and something I had not seen in person. My breeding program started to build from there. I changed Sliding On Top Performance Horses to Shining C Grulla Horses, which takes after my brand, the shining C.

Shining C Grulla Horses is a young program but the results have been amazing! My love for good minded horses, ability, looks and rare color will never go away and I will continue to blend those aspects and bring you more Shining C Horses each year! Very soon my first foals will be riding and promoting age so please keep an eye out! “The brand of quality with color!”

~ Cassidy Cobarr Huckaba

NRHA & AQHA Professional
Owner/trainer of Shining C Grulla Horses


Ranch Manager

Susan Warnock was born with ‘horse fever,’ as so many of us are. From day one she’s had horses on the brain and in the heart. As a child Susan mainly enjoyed horses for pleasure and lower level showing in both English and Western. She has always been blessed with and still has a huge appreciation for good horses.


After graduation, Susan ranched on horses for a living and was fortunate to learn from and ride with some of the country’s and even the world’s finest horsemen. Some of her mentors include the late great Ray Hunt, Ben Quinters, Tom Curtain, and Scott Stokes.


She brings a wealth of knowledge and past experiences to the program and is very passionate about breeding usable, quality horses with great dispositions and COLOR!

~ Susan, Warnock, Ranch Manager


Wolf City, TX 75496 - United States

Cassidy Cobarr, owner/trainer
(903) 951-0793

Susan Warnock, equine manager
(903) 505-9097

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