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Previously sold horses

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Smokey is a FANCY grulla gelding! Very nicely broke, smooth mover, nicely schooled, rock solid down the trail, been ranched on, roped off of and rock solid on the cowboy race trail obstacles! Neck reins, moves off of leg, very smooth at all 3 gaits. This is a very special gelding and a hard one to find! You CAN have a super nice gelding who is equally pretty! Smokey is always the same, even after time off. Just pull him out, saddle and ride off. Never gets fresh or hot, no buck, not buddy sour, no vices and he has a low headed, quiet way of going all the time. He has been ranched on so he has been around cattle a lot, sorted on, ridden in all different country and even if he is not sure about something he will trust in his rider. Safe for any rider and always a lot of fun! Great personality, no vices, no soundness issues to my knowledge and shipping is not a problem if needed. $8,500



Andy is one special guy! He is as sweet as he is cute and has a laid back personality that everyone loves! Gorgeous buttermilk buckskin, stout built and rock solid quiet wherever you take him! He has been trail ridden all over and will go anywhere you point him, in a group or alone, keeping anyone safe on his back. Great first horse! He is not going to win a barrel race (or any kind of race) but he will be the same every time you get on! 6 months go by, just pull him out, step on and ride off. Never offered to buck, get tight, never fresh, never gets hot or worked up, etc. He was also ranched on in the past so he is used to cattle, vehicles going by, commotion and he stays quiet. Rock solid on all trail obstacles on the cowboy race course! Couldn’t care any less about other horses so he never gets buddy sour, etc. He jumps right in the trailer and hauls quietly, stands tied all day, easy keeper, no vices. Shipping is not a problem if needed. $8,500



Gorgeous, stout and honest liver chestnut gelding who stands 15.0 hands and is as wide as he is tall! Easy keeper, always the same to ride, even after time off and very nicely broke! He has been there, done that on the ranch, been roped off of outside and in the arena, rock solid on cowboy race obstacles, cowy, used as a turn back horse, sorting and trail riding. Will go anywhere you point him, alone or in a group and never gets hot. He is not a dead head by any means but he is not hot either, just wants to please and has a nice, level, ground covering walk. Does not jig, buck, argue, etc. Lovely to ride in the arena, neck reins, moves off of legs, moves nicely at all 3 gaits and with just a little more schooling he could do the ranch versatility, low level reining or cow horse! Don’t let his age get to you! He looks like a 5 year old and has never had any soundness problems to my knowledge. No vices, wonderful ground manners, loads without hesitation, stands tied all day, etc. Don’t miss out on this nice gelding! Shipping is not a problem if needed. $6,500