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Previously sold horses

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Domino Skippa Lark x Tes Donna

Ee aa nO

2004 APHA true black frame overo mare. 15.2 hands 

Currently in foal to ALL DUN IN SILVER for guaranteed grulla or grulla overo foal. Her 2018 foal has been sold in utero but she is available for sale with a breeding back to All Dun In Silver as a 2 in 1 package for $3,500.


2006 AQHA bay mare

Topgun Whiz x Clever Chex



“Marlee” is SAFE, SAFE, SAFE and even after time off at home she rides off just as broke and honest as if she is ridden ever day! Natural low headset, carries herself very round and is VERY soft. She’s a comfortable ride! You can ride her in a bosal, a snaffle or straight up in the bridle. Was shown for a couple of years but has had some time off while having a couple of colts by SMART SPOOK who are having success in the show ring. Great stop, nice turn arounds, easy flying lead changes. Very sensible mare, great temperament and awesome to be around. Easy keeper, ties, cross ties, good for farrier, trailers with ease, etc. Can’t say enough nice things about her and to top it off she’s very easy on the eyes. Currently getting a tune-up, should be more than ready to start showing her again in the spring. ALSO GREAT OUT ON THE TRAIL! Originally came from Stroud Ranch in Washington state. 5 panel tested N/N and shipping is available if needed.

$8,500 or trade





Buyer Etiquette & Responsibility

Buyers have an obligation to represent honestly their skill level and intentions. Buyers who don’t take the time and trouble to learn good horsemanship ruin good horses quickly.  Remember no horse is ever “finished.” They are sensitive creatures that continue to learn new behaviors throughout their lives.  A novice horse person will “undo” professional training in a matter of minutes. At Shining C Grulla Horses we don’t want to sell you an unsuitable horse. Help us help you with accurate representation of your riding limits, experience and goals. If a horse’s price is more than you want to spend, ask whether it’s negotiable before you make an appointment. If you need to sell your existing horse before acquiring a new one, please address that issue first. If you are serious about one of our horses consider putting a deposit to hold or buy yourself first right of refusal to avoid the heartache of finding out your ideal horse has sold out from under you. Another important realization is that our horse prices can increase every month in direct proportion to the cost of full care, training and competition. Expect that the horse will perform better for the professional trainer it has bonded to than will be the case with a new owner/rider. Subtle differences in riding technique produce very different responses from the horse.  It may just be a matter of time and a little professional help before you and your new horse become a team, do not expect it immediately, they are live animals.